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Thermal Interface Materials

Thermally Conductive Silicone Pads: TIM-PAD is a family of thermally conductive and electrically insulating silicone pads. They are clean, production friendly and efficient alternative to mica, ceramics or grease and will provide superb protection against damage due to deformation, shock or vibration. Available with or without...
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Graphenol Heat Spreader Foil: Graphenol is a new TIM heat spreader foil that offers a handling friendly approach packaged with an ultra-high in-plane thermal conductivity of 1,500 W/m-K. Graphenol is designed to eliminate the traditional handling issues that exist within current pyrolitc heat spreading graphite foils such...
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Started at Union Carbide in the 1960’s and Incorporated as ZIRCAR Products, Inc. in the early 1970’s, ZIRCAR Refractory Composites, Inc. (ZRCI) produces a comprehensive line of advanced high performance ceramic-ceramic composite materials and related products. Our materials are used around the...

Fujipoly is a manufacturer of two distinct product lines. Sarcon(r) Thermal Interface Materials are used to help keep sensitive components cool by eliminating the air gap between the component and the heat sink. The Zebra(r) Elastomeric Connectors are used in between PCB to PCB or LCD to PCB...

ISO9001-2015 Authorized Distributor of Electronic and Electromechanical Components

Sureform 52041: High conductivity and most durable non-silicone gap fillers; pre-formed pads or dispense in place.
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Koolmat RV: Products like Koolmat gas engine starter covers that buff the casing so the silonoid won't get the wrong message and start everytime. Shielding for sensors, RV diesel beds, gas engine Koolsox 07519 + 07520 spark plug boot covers for 6 & 8 plugs that burn. Plus exhaust shields for any part that...
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PA&E, Inc. is an integrated manufacturing company, specializing in technically demanding ceramic and metal components and assemblies, hermetic connectors and advanced micro-electronic hermetic packaging for global leaders in the defense, space, medical and commercial industries.

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