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About AOS Thermal Compounds

AOS Thermal Compounds developed the first non-silicone thermal grease for AT&T in the 1970's. Today we manufacture the most durable non-silicone thermal greases, Micro-Faze thermal pads (not phase change material) and Sure-Form one part gap fillers.

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Products by AOS Thermal Compounds

By AOS Thermal Compounds

Micro-Faze® 3A4 is a unique non-silicone thermal pad that exhibits extremely low thermal resistance and was designed to replace phase change materials and even high performance thermal grease. The pad is composed of 1 mil films of high thermal conductivity, tacky, but dry-to-the-touch thermal... Read more »

By AOS Thermal Compounds

High conductivity and most durable non-silicone gap fillers; pre-formed pads or dispense in place. Read more »

By AOS Thermal Compounds

AOS Heat Sink Compound: 52022 (AOS 300) AOS Heat Sink Compound: 52055 (AOS 340) AOS Heat Sink Compound: 52051 (WC HTC) AOS Heat Sink Compound: 52056 (HTC 35) AOS Heat Sink Compound: 52050 (HTC 80) AOS Heat Sink Compound: 52060 (HTC 100) AOS Heat Sink Compound: 52070 (HTC 140) AOS Heat... Read more »