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35 Old Dock Road
Yaphank, NY 11980-9702
About Timtronics
  • TIMTRONICS is a leading manufacturer of the most advanced Non-Silicone and Silicone Heat Sink Compounds, thermally conductive pads, gap fillers, liquid gap fillers, putties and epoxy/potting compounds to meet thermal, reliability and low cost requirements of high-end chipset, graphic processors trend ever-faster clock speeds with distribution worldwide. Unique formulations include High Thermal Conductivity up to 14 w/mk, High Temperature up to 360*C, Food Grade Thermal Grease and Electrically Conductive Compounds. TIMTRONICS also custom formulates for specific design applications.
Competitors of Timtronics
  • Zircar Refractory Composites

    ZIRCAR Refractory Composites, Inc., produces a comprehensive line of advanced high performance ceramic-ceramic composite materials and related products. Our materials are used around the world in the most demanding thermal, structural and electrical insulating applications ranging in...
  • AOS Thermal Compounds

    AOS Thermal Compounds developed the first non-silicone thermal grease for AT&T in the 1970's. Today we manufacture the most durable non-silicone thermal greases, Micro-Faze thermal pads (not phase change material) and Sure-Form one part gap fillers.

    ISO9001-2015 Authorized Distributor of Electronic and Electromechanical Components