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Tran-Tec LLC

Taking the Heat off your Powerful Ideas


Heat Sink w/Pipes and spreader bars: Tran-tec uses SolidWorks and GibbsCAM to program complex parts requiring channels, pockets for copper spreader bars, tapped hols and other features.
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Thermal Interface Materials


High Performance Thermal Greases- White Ice Series: White Ice series are silicone based thermal greases engineered with special binding agents to reduce bleed and oil separation. These compounds offers excellent wetting properties, spreadability and the low viscosity formulation makes them easy to apply to thin bond line thickness for minimum...
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C&H Technology, Inc.

Power Electronic Components and Assemblies...


Clamps: We offer two types of hockey puk clamps for mounting hockey puk semiconductors to heat sinks. Bar Clamps are used for double sided cooling applications. They have a stack of preloaded Belleville springs which guarantees the perpendicularity of the clamping force. An indicator washer on the...
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Technology Applications, Inc. (TAI), is the world’s largest supplier of thermal straps (also referred to as “flexible thermal links,” “thermal braids,” or “flexible bus bars”). Thermal Straps are passive heat transfer devices made from a flexible conductive material, like copper cabling,...

Bonded fin: A bonded fin heat sink are normally used is forced air circulation envoirement as there is no limitation on fin height to fin space ratio. SNS cooling technology offer bonded fin products with ratio as high as 40:1. SNS uses following methods to bond the fin & base * Aluminum filled high...
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Heat Pipes, Heatsinks, Heat Dissipation: Heat sinks act as radiators in a system. As a result, it transfers the heat generated by an electronic or a mechanical device. In other words, air or a liquid coolant is often used to dissipate hear away from the device. CSI manufactures heat sinks mainly made from aluminum or copper.
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Designers & manufacturers of power semiconductor heat sinks, speacializing in liquid cooling for all SCR,DIODE,TRANSISTOR & IGBT devices. 19mm to 125mm dia. puck style devices and flat base SCR, DIODE, TRANSISTOR & IGBT devices of all sizes. Extensive standard product line of one piece cast...

Darrah Electric Company is a manufacturer of high quality D.C. Power Supplies for the plating and metal finishing industries. Darrah Electric has evolved into a distributor of high quality power semiconductors and an industry leader in power conversion solutions.

Power Electronics

Heatsinks and Cold Plates: PSL Assemblies Limited can build any size and design of high density bonded-fin heatsink, extruded-profile heatsink and liquid-cooled plate. Based in the UK, we export globally, manufacturing any volume of heatsinks from small runs through to large scheduled batches. Materials provided include...
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