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About Technology Applications, Inc.

Technology Applications, Inc. (TAI), is the world’s largest supplier of thermal straps (also referred to as “flexible thermal links,” “thermal braids,” or “flexible bus bars”). Thermal Straps are passive heat transfer devices made from a flexible conductive material, like copper cabling, graphite fiber rope, or graphite/graphene sheets, and end fittings (“lugs” or “terminal blocks”), made from copper, aluminum, or highly conductive graphite fiber. TAI designs and manufactures tens of thousands of copper and graphite thermal straps annually, and these products are used to cool electronics and other devices in the aerospace, photonics, cryogenic engineering, and semiconductor industries.

TAI also provides complete thermal management design and engineering consultation services for customers in these industries that require waste heat removal in various applications.

TAI offers over 150 standard products, 3 thermal strap catalogs, and complimentary strap design services, as well as testing services (stiffness, thermal conductance, and thermal cycling), to all of our customers. We also provide a wide range of strap customization options including gold and nickel plating, FOD encapsulant sleeves, and much more. To learn more about our services and thermal strap products, contact us today.

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By Technology Applications, Inc.

Thermal Straps made with flexible copper cabling or braid (known as CuTS®), also referred to as "heat straps," "conductive thermal braids," or "flexible thermal links," are a unique thermal management solution offering passive thermal control and vibration isolation. These flexible thermal... Read more »

By Technology Applications, Inc.

TAI provides the world's only Graphite Fiber Thermal Links/Straps (GFTS®), and the only carbon-based strap standard product lines. GFTS® assemblies are the space industry's standard for lightweight, high conductance, flexible straps, and TAI alone has the graphite thermal link spaceflight... Read more »

By Technology Applications, Inc.

Vibration transmission and waste heat removal requirements have dramatically changed as spacecraft, cubesats, larger satellites, and other aerospace equipment needs have evolved in recent years. Unfortunately, in certain applications, these requirements have effectively eliminated traditional... Read more »

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