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PyroFlex™ & Graphene Thermal Straps: Vibration transmission and waste heat removal requirements have dramatically changed as spacecraft, cubesats, larger satellites, and other aerospace equipment needs have evolved in recent years. Unfortunately, in certain applications, these requirements have effectively eliminated traditional...
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Experts in Measurement and Control!

Precision Machining (CNC): Cooling Source provides Precision Machining (CNC) services to our customers. Our plants can support your products requirements such as rapid CNC prototypes, small-batch machining, and high-volume production.
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Heat Pipe Assemblies: Our heat pipe solutions signifi cantly reduce the footprint of power conversion systems thanks to performances that approach those of liquid cooling technology. That means the unit is a stand-alone and offers vital benefits to the user: less space required, lighter weight, maintenance-free, and...
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Power Electronics

Vertiv offers critical infrastructure technologies and rapidly-deployable customized solutions to meet specific business requirements and needs.

Magnetiv Hydraulic Circuit breakers, Thermal circuit breakers, GFCI, 22.5MM switches

APS designs and manufactures advanced high power electronic components, power controls and power systems, including IGBT Inverters, AC-DC Converters, AC Phase Controllers, Rectifier Bridges, Power Semiconductor Assemblies, Clamps, Heat Sinks, Gate Driver Boards for IGBT and SCR (Thyristor),...

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