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  • Air Cooled Heatsinks

    THE HIGHEST PERFORMANCE HEATSINK TECHNOLOGY IN THE WORLD Our Swaging Process – for maximum thermal conductivity Developed and patented by our Mississauga plant, our swaging process boosts the effi ciency of air cooled heatsinks with thinner, longer fins on denser or mixed metals to get... Read More
  • Amp-Trap 2000® Fuses

    For Type 2, no damage circuit protection in all the configurations you need. By opening in less than 1/4 cycle under short circuit conditions, Amp-trap 2000® fuses current limit enough to prevent undue downstream damage — and therefore comply with the extra-stringent IEC, Type-2 standard. In... Read More
  • Circuit Protection Accessories

    Devices like box covers, fuse reducers, fuse pullers and clip clamps may seem inconsequential, but well-designed circuit protection accessories can increase worker safety and even improve circuit protection. Find them all right here. Read More
  • Class J - Fast Acting - A4J

    A4J Class J fuses deliver excellent current-limiting protection to a wide variety of applications. Their unique dimensions prevent the substitution of other fuses with lower voltage ratings, interrupting ratings, or current-limiting capability Read More
  • Class J - High Speed - HSJ

    The High Speed J (HSJ) combines the low I2t of a semiconductor fuse and the branch circuit performance of a Class J UL listed fuse. This fuse was designed for the starting characteristics of solid state motor controllers. The HSJ can provide branch circuit protection per NEC requirements, as... Read More
  • Class L - 4-Second Time Delay - A4BY

    When it comes to protecting service entrance equipment, feeder circuits, and circuit breakers, A4BY fuses have been the industry's favorite. The A4BY is a 100% rated device and may be applied at continuous currents up to its ampere rating. A 4-second minimum time delay at 500% rating allows the... Read More
  • Class RK1 - Fast Acting - A2K/A6K

    Current-limiting A2K and A6K fuses provide excellent protection where high available short circuit currents exist. These fast-acting fuses are particularly good for branch/feeder circuits and back-up protection Read More
  • Class RK5 - Time Delay - TR/TRS

    Tri-Onic® SmartSpot® TR and TRS fuses provide an optional visual open fuse indicator. With advanced material technology added to the existing product line the TR and TRS current-limiting time-delay fuses are engineered for overcurrent protection of motors and transformers, service entrance... Read More
  • Class T - A3T/A6T

    Fast acting A3T and A6T Class T fuses combine two highly desirable features - high current limitation and a small physical size. Their unique dimensions prevent the substitution of other fuses with lower voltage ratings or current limiting capability. These fuses have glass melamine bodies for... Read More
  • Complete Cooling Systems

    Complete cooling systems – for the whole thermal loop In addition to its custom cold plates, Mersen also offers systems covering the whole thermal loop, including the necessary pumps, hydraulic and electrical elements. Cooling the hot fluid exiting a heatsink before re-circulating it... Read More
  • Disconnect Switches

    The safest way to switch power on and off in industrial control panels is with Mersen disconnect switches. Our extensive line includes UL 98 fusible and non-fusible switches, UL 508 switches, and our high-performance Surge Switch, designed to withstand the high surge current of today's transient... Read More
  • Fuse Blocks/Holders

    Mersen's extensive line of fuses is matched by our selection of fuse blocks and holders. Choose from a wide range of traditional and space-saving fuse blocks, panel-mount and in-line holders, modular semiconductor fuse holders and more. Read More
  • General Purpose Fuses / European IEC

    Mersen offers you the benefits of a truly global supplier. From the one-stop shopping advantages of our complete line of European and North American fuses, holders, and accessories. To our pursuit of other international technologies. To our definitive understanding of international circuit... Read More
  • General Purpose Midget Fuses

    Mersen's international range of midget and miniature dimension and PC mount fuses offer you all the protection you require. A wide range of ratings. Special characteristics like time-delay and low I2t. All within a footprint of 1-1/2” x 13/32” or less. Read More
  • Heat Pipe Assemblies

    Our heat pipe solutions signifi cantly reduce the footprint of power conversion systems thanks to performances that approach those of liquid cooling technology. That means the unit is a stand-alone and offers vital benefits to the user: less space required, lighter weight, maintenance-free, and... Read More
  • High Power Switches

    Mersen's High Power Switches are engineered to meet your needs. High Power Switches are critical to your operation. Not only do they help protect your people from injury, they help protect your equipment and processes, and minimize the risk of costly downtime and repairs. You need a switch that... Read More
  • Laminated Bus bar

    Mersen’s (formerly Eldre’s) reputation for outstanding technical expertise and quality is the result of a half -century of design and manufacturing of bus bars. Our staff of professional engineers and experienced designers works together to develop state-of-the-art tooling and manufacturing... Read More
  • Liquid Cooled Heatsinks

    Our vacuum brazing offers reliability and lasting performance Power electronics components (IGBTs, thyristors) need a cooling solution that is both effective and reliable, especially when installed in a confined space. Liquid cooling systems work perfectly. To ensure maximum reliability, Mersen... Read More
  • Medium Voltage Fuses

    On one hand, you need current-limiting protection for medium-voltage transformers and distribution systems. On the other, you need short circuit protection for medium-voltage motors and motor controllers. Mersen's line of medium-voltage UL Listed fuses fills the bill with E-rated, R-rated and... Read More
  • Over Voltage Products

    Mersen, an industry pioneer in surge protection technology, has developed a world-class suite of surge protection devices for your entire facility. Surge-Trap SPDs are designed to UL1449 3rd Edition standards and feature Mersen's industry leading patented TPMOV® technology inside. Providing... Read More
  • Power Distribution Blocks

    Mersen not only helps you protect circuits, we help you manage them. Our power distribution blocks — safe, durable and easy to install — are the simple way to split primary power circuits or provide fixed-junction tap-off points. Be sure to check out our FSPDB, the industry's first finger-safe... Read More
  • Semiconductor Fuses

    Mersen affords OEM designers and equipment-maintenance personnel a comprehensive line of Form 101 semiconductor protection fuses in ratings from 130 to 1500VAC. Plus, Square Body North American and European-Dimension semiconductor fuses in 690/700 and 1250/ 1300V ratings (four sizes of each).... Read More
  • Special Purpose Fuses

    No matter how specialized your application is, Mersen brings its broad expertise and numerous resources to bear on it. The result is a line of Special Purpose Fuses that unfailingly perform to application-specific requirements. Whether you’re specifying our Cable Protectors, Welder Protectors,... Read More
  • Surge-Trap Pluggable SPD

    The Surge-Trap® Pluggable SPD provides advanced overvoltage protection by utilizing Mersen's (formerly Ferraz Shawmut) patented TPMOV design, which does not require fuses, a fuse holder or additional wiring in meeting the UL 1449 Third Edition standards thus providing substantial cost savings... Read More
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