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About EACO

EACO, as one of the capacitors specialists with rich experience in power electronics, is firmly at the forefront of the metalized film capacitor industry.
EACO can satisfy all the customer needs by providing a line of high quality DC and AC capacitors, either standard products from shelves or flexible customized products served with high efficiencies and reliable performances. EACO has applied its capacitors to a variety of applications, such as industrial converters, electric/hybrid vehicles, alternative energy, power quality improvement, smart grid, and etc.
The manufacturing system of EACO is ISO-9001 certified and we continuously pursue the achievement of the zero defects for our products.
We are committed to be the leader of innovation for power electronics technology and have been working together with global power industrial sectors for many years and have achieved many remarkable successes.
Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Competitors of EACO

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Products by EACO


EACO provides high-quality film capacitors for DC-Link. In many cases it is possible to replace Electrolytic capacitors with Metallized film capacitors. Applications: solar and wind power inverter, Electric Vehicles, Motor drives, Welders. Why choose the metallized film capacitors: - Much... Read more »


EACO provides high-quality film capacitors for IGBT snubber, high current and pulse applications. - voltage: 700-3000Vdc Construction: - STD,STM,STC: double side metallized carrier film with internal series connection - STS,STF,STE: extended metallized film with internal series connection -... Read more »


EACO provides high-quality film capacitors for ac filter. Application: Solar and wind power inverters, UPS. ■voltage:250-1000Vac. (please notice: SRD SRB are labeled with DC voltage.) ■construction: metallized film ■operating temperature range (case):-40℃ to + 85℃ ■customized order... Read more »

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