Kureha America Inc.

420 Lexington Ave, Suite 2510
New York, NY 10170

About Kureha America Inc.

Kureha America Inc is a wholy-owned subsidiary of Kureha Corporation of Japan. Kureha Corporation is a manufacturer of chemistry-based specialty products. Kureha's product portfolio includes: Pharmaceuticals, Agro/Industrial Chemicals, Household products (food wrap and fishing lines), Advanced Engineering Plastics, and Carbon Products.

With over 4000 employees around the world Kureha Corporation's products and technologies support a sustainable world.

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Products by Kureha America Inc.

By Kureha America Inc.

Kuredux® PGA is a high-strength biodegradable polyester resin offering excellent gas barrier to carbon dioxide and oxygen, with controllable hydrolysis. In multi-layer PET bottles for carbonated soft drinks and beer it offers gas barrier 100 times greater than PET, reducing the amount of PET by... Read more »

By Kureha America Inc.

Another testament to the company's advanced plastics capabilities is KF Polymer (polyvinylidene fluoride resin), which is used in a variety of industries due to its excellent chemical resistance and electrical characteristics. KUREHA KF POLYMER is most popularly used throughout the world as... Read more »

By Kureha America Inc.

Demand for Kureha's highly regarded carbon products continues to grow. Among the many products the company produces in this area are carbon fibers, which are widely known for their use of petroleum pitch as a raw material. Displaying a variety of characteristics, these products are provided in a... Read more »

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