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  • Xiamen Lynsa Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Jameco Electronic Components

    Power Electronics
  • House of Batteries

    House of Batteries: Design and manufacturing of custom battery packs in every battery chemistry since 1965. We assemble over 200K custom battery packs a month, we have a large Engineering design Dept. to design & produce the most complex battery packs using batteries from Panasonic, Sanyo, LG Chem, Duracell,...
  • Composite Modules , Inc.

    BLDC Motors: Composite Motors, Inc. manufactures Brushless DC motors and drivers in a wide range of sizes. Typical operating voltages range from 10VDC to 48VDC with power ranging from 100 watts to 12 HP and speeds up to 100k rpm for smaller motors. Brushless DC motors are a modern replacement for “brush and...
  • Kureha America Inc.

    LiBatteries: KUREHA CORPORATION is one of the pioneers in Lithium Ion Battery (LIB) industry whose materials have been used for the first commercial LIB since 1991. KUREHA KF POLYMER is a PVDF (poly vinylidene fluoride) binder for both cathode and anode, which is the most popular and widely used throughout...
  • Shenzhen Elite Electronic Co., Ltd

    Portable DVD battery, Notebook Battery,Cellular Phone Battery, iPod Battery,Digital Camera & Camcorder Battery,Lamp & Apparatus Equipment Battery,Toy & Tool Battery,Charger, Adapter