Dynex Semiconductor Ltd

Doddington Rd
Lincoln, LN6 3LF
United Kingdom

About Dynex Semiconductor Ltd

Dynex Semiconductor is a global supplier of products and services specialising in the field of power semiconductors and integrated circuit products. We manufacture IGBTs, FRD Modules, Thyristors, Rectifier Diodes, FRDs, Pulsed Power Thyristors, GTOs and SOS Products. In addition, we have the facility to make these devices up into an assembly if required, including clamps, heatsinks, control boards and gate drivers. The Company's power products are used to improve the efficiency, reliability and quality of the electric power in;

- power transmission and distribution,
- alternative power generation,
- marine and rail propulsion,
- aerospace,
- medical equipment,
- heavy industries such as steel and mining,
- telecommunications and
- electric vehicles.

Please contact us on the Customer Service number listed or by email to [email protected] to reach the North American Sales Manager, Arun Sharma.

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