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Services Provided:
Capacitor manufacturing (plastic film capacitors). Markets include HID and magnetic ballast lighting, automotive, power supplies, inverters, snubbers, power factor correction, filtering, motor run instrumentation and custom design applications.

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Greaves is a trusted supplier of electrical connectors to the electrical construction trades. Continually evolving and innovating, Greaves has contributed innovations such as USA insulated power distribution blocks, PT-FX Shoo-Pin and PT-R compression adapters, Jones rebar clamps, and FX... Read More

Products by ASC Capacitors

By ASC Capacitors

ASC TGC (Tangential Case) DC filtering capacitors are packaged in a unique mounting case with mounting tabs rotated away from terminations. The case is a one piece molded construction with urethane/epoxy fill from the bottom of the case. The low profile design of the case is conducive for... Read more »

By ASC Capacitors

Inverter. Bus. Link. Capacitor. - High Current Handling Capability - Bulk Capacitance Storage - Low ESL Design - >100K Hour Life - High DV/DT - Customizable - IEC61071 Complaint Read more »

By ASC Capacitors

Inverte. Filter. Power. Application: - DC Inverter Bus Filtering - Drive DC Link Characteristics: - Low ESR - Dry Construction, No Leaking Fluids - Up to 0.25A/µF RMS Current Rating - Singular Connections With High Ripple Current Read more »

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