ICE ISB current sensors combine high performance and easy bus bar mounting in a cost effective solution.

Press Release from ICE Components, Inc.

ICE has introduced the ISB family of current sensors for use in a wide range of bus bar mounted  applications.  The sensors measure both DC and AC current  from values as low as 50 A up to 670A.  Options for the new sensors include faster response time, temperature output, reference output and a  standard connector or lead wire.  

All ISB models feature a unique bus bar mounting method to simplify installation.  The sensor  separates into two halves that easily clip around the bus bar. The small size of 28 mm L x 26.4 mm W x  19.8 mm H also helps the sensors to fit seamlessly into many difficult installations.  There is no need to  create extra bends or breaks in the bus bar to accommodate a traditional current sensor with a solid  diameter.  

There are two connection options for the ISB current sensors.  Customers have the option of a  connector output that features a creepage distance of 8.5 mm.  The second option is UL3239, 3 kV  rated lead wire which expands the creepage distance to over 140 mm.  Custom lead wire lengths  and/or customer specified connectors can be ordered.  Both options have a CTI (comparative tracking  index) of 600 and withstand an isolation test of 4.3 kV rms.  

Other features include the choice of an optional temperature output or a reference output.  The  temperature output can be used for compensation over a temperature range.  The reference output is  commonly used to drive an op­amp circuit for easy increased output flexibility.  

The sensors are available with either a standard 8 uSec response time or a faster 3 uSec response  time.  The 3 uSec model (ISB­XX­A­8XX) is rated for a 200 kHz bandwidth and is suitable for higher  frequency applications.  The 8 uSec model (ISB­XX­A­6XX) is rated for a 90 kHz bandwidth.  

Both models operate off an input voltage of  5 VDC and provide a 0.5 to 4.5 VDC output voltage that is  ratiometric to the input.  They conform to the EN50178 safety standard and the EN61000 EMC  standard and are recognized for an operating temperature range of ­40 to +85 degrees C.  


ICE Components, Inc. ­ Helping Engineer the Technology of Power  ICE is a power electronics company.  

For over 30 years, ICE has been supporting the power  electronics market with a wide range of standard and custom products, including current sensors,  magnetics and custom power solutions. Our goal is to use our design knowledge and experience to  provide innovative products that reduce the acquisition, installation and operation costs to our  customers. 

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