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Marietta, GA 30062

About ICE Components, Inc.

For the past 25 years, ICE Components has been a leading supplier of advanced power solutions to companies in the United States and abroad. We strive to deliver innovative and cost effective design solutions, while providing best in class support throughout the product acquisition cycle.

ICE Components is a company founded by engineers for engineers. We understand the complexities of the development process and the abbreviated timelines in which you must deliver.

Our core product offering includes magnetics, current sensors and power assemblies. The magnetics product line includes custom and standard products for most any power application. The current sensors are open and closed loop hall effect devices suitable for industrial applications. The power assemblies include the engineering and assembly of power supplies and power control boards for a wide range of applications.

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Products by ICE Components, Inc.

By ICE Components, Inc.

Features: • Suitable for pick and place applications • Smallest size available on the market • Designed for frequencies to over 1 MHz • Meets medical safety isolation requirements • E-T: up to 378 v-usec • Hi-pot: 4.5kV • Low leakage inductance and inter-winding capacitance Applications: •... Read more »

By ICE Components, Inc.

Features: • Low profile, small footprint • Full selection of turn ratios • Suitable for pick and place applications • Increased efficiency and accuracy • High primary current rating – up to 18A • 1500 Vac Hi-Pot rating • Meets UL Class B Basic Insulation creepage and clearance Applications: •... Read more »

By ICE Components, Inc.

Features: • Customizable current range • Standard ratings up to 670A • Easy installation • ≤0.1% linearity • ≤0.6% accuracy • As low as 3µs response time Applications: • DC-DC and AC-DC converters • Battery management • Solar power systems • Motor drives • Inverters • Welding Product Series... Read more »

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