TSC Ferrite Int'l.

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39105 North Magnetics Boulevard
Wadsworth, IL 60083-8914
About TSC Ferrite Int'l.
  • TSC-International is a manufacturer of magnetic core materials including temperature stable low loss TSF-50ALL Flat Line soft ferrite for high frequency transformers, high flux density TSF-Boost soft ferrite for power inductors, low cost iron powder cores with distributed air gaps for chokes & output inductors, NiFe laminations for voice frequency transformers, SiFe and CRML Laminations for line frequency transformers, chokes & motors.
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    Bridgeport Magnetics Group Inc and its Alpha-Core and Tortran divisions designs and manufacturers toroidal and C -cores as well as complete isolation transformers for industrial/medical/hospital/Marine/utility applications. Other products include EV charging stations, flat magnet wire, EMI/RFI...
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