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  • Integrated Magnetics Inc.

    ISO 9001:2015 registered manufacturer of custom magnets, custom magnetic assemblies, and custom electrical machines. The company has extensive in-house facilities for machining, grinding, assembly, and test of complex magnetic assemblies and electrical machines, including Class 1000 clean rooms....
  • Carpenter Technology Corporation

  • Lodestone Pacific

  • Alpha-Core division of Bridgeport Magnetics Group, Inc.

    Custom Magnetic Cores: Alpha-Core is a division of Bridgeport Magnetics Group, Inc. Alpha-Core was founded in 1982 as a manufacturer of toroidal cores of grain-oriented silicon steel for the emerging industry of manufacturers of toroidal power transformers. Alpha-Core has cultivated close relationships with a wide...
  • Micrometals, Inc.

    Micrometals offers the widest selection of shapes, sizes and materials of Iron Powder and Alloy Powder available in the industry.
  • Radius Power Inc.

  • Arnold Magnetic Technologies Corporation

    Arnold Magnetic Technologies manufactures and distributes a comprehensive package of magnetic products including: Permanent Magnets (alnico, ceramic, neodymium, samarium cobalt), Bonded Magnets (sheet and strip, compression bonded, injection molded), soft magnetic Powder Cores, Shaped Field...
  • Alliance Magnetics LLC

  • Elna Magnetics

    Elna Magnetics is an authorized distributor and full service manufacturer of quality magnetic components, in standard and non-standard core shapes, for the electronics industry. Elna distributes soft ferrites, amorphous alloy, powdered iron, MPP and Sendust cores and accessories as well as...
  • Yunsheng USA

    YunSheng USA is a worldwide OEM manufacturer of high performance Neodymium Permanent Magnets and magnetic assemblies. We specialize in: micro motors, linear motors, servo motors, medical devices, sensors, separators, acoustic equipment and HEv and wind power generators. Our USA operations...