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  • Overvoltage - LITTELFUSE, BUSSMANN, MERSEN By Fuses Unlimited, Inc.

    Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV's), TVS Diodes, ESD Suppressors, Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT's), SIDACtor safety devices like fuses provide protection against excess current, but do nothing for transients and short duration spikes of high voltage on the power supply lines. This circuit uses the... Read More
  • Office UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply By Smart Power Systems

    Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for All Office Equipment The Office-TBF is a multi-device power protection solution ideally suited for computers, computer peripherals, internet, and multi-media applications. The Office-TBF is the first uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with a Transformer... Read More
  • OMNIA By Associated Research, Inc.

    The OMNIA 8100 series is a family of multi-function electrical safety compliance analyzers that consist of three models. OMNIA 4, model 8104, is a 4-in-1 instrument that provides AC/DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance and 40 Amp Ground Bond/Continuity tests. OMNIA 5, model 8105, is a 5-in-1... Read More
  • Onanon Compliant Pin Connectors By Onanon

    Onanon manufactures press-fit compliant pin connectors to your specifications, any shape, pattern or size for a solderless press-fit electrical connection. Our compliant pin connectors can be connected to a board in the field by hand pressure and removed by simple tools. Onanon press-fit... Read More
  • Onanon Custom Connectors By Onanon

    Onanon manufactures custom connectors to your specifications. They can be made with any engineered plastic, PCB or ceramic in any size or shape with any number of pins in any size and any shape, all on the same substrate. Think of Onanon custom connectors as a problem solver. Circuits can be... Read More
  • Onanon IC Sockets and Adapters By Onanon

    Onanon makes IC sockets and adapters for BGA, LGA, PGA, LIF, ZIF, CGA, DIP, TSOP, TSSOP, SSOP just to name a few. In essence, we can make any kind of IC socket and any kind of adapter to your specifications with pitch as fine as 0.5mm. We have been manufacturing IC sockets and adapters for over... Read More
  • Onanon Medical Connectors By Onanon

    At Onanon we design, prototype, test and manufacture OEM medical connectors for healthcare companies worldwide. Our extensive design and manufacturing knowledge provides high performance connectors for both reusable and disposable applications, while utilizing dramatic cost and yield saving... Read More
  • Onboard power Converters By Martek Power

    Martek Power is a worldwide market leader in designing and manufacturing onboard power converters. Our onboard power converters from single or multiple outputs, AC or DC inputs, and Output Power from 1 to 280 watts. Our single and multiple outputs AC and DC input onboard power converters are... Read More
  • ONEAC ConditionOne® Series Power Conditioner (75-1000 VA) By Vertiv| ONEAC

    The ONEAC ConditionOne® Series provides a high performance solution without battery backup. It has a built-in isolation transformer to eliminate electrical noise, ensuring attached equipment is unaffected by the electrical environment and does not degrade over time. Optional ONEGROUND®... Read More
  • ONEAC ON Series m Medical-Grade Power Conditioned UPS (300-600 VA) By Vertiv| ONEAC

    ONEAC solutions are designed to protect the mission-critical applications found within a healthcare environment including, diagnostic imaging systems, clinical lab equipment, and healthcare IT systems. The ONEAC ON Series m Medical-Grade Power Conditioned UPS complies with IEC60601-1 standards... Read More
  • ONEAC ONePlus™ Series UPS (250-1000 VA) By Vertiv| ONEAC

    An optimal power solution for business, the ONEAC ONePlus™ Series UPS features cost effective, line interactive operation with a noise reducing isolation transformer. The ONePlus series with ONEGROUND® technology to protect against ground skew problems, is the UPS of choice for supporting... Read More
  • ONEAC PCm Medical-Grade Power Conditioner (120-3000 VA) By Vertiv| ONEAC

    In medical applications, the need to protect critical electronic equipment and crucial data is second only to protecting patients. ONEAC medical-grade power conditioners provide clean power to the equipment in these demanding applications. Our Medical Grade PCm series, meets UL60601-1/... Read More
  • ONEAC Sinergy SE II Series Power Conditioned UPS (4 - 20 kVA) By Vertiv| ONEAC

    Incorporating online double conversion technology, each Sinergy® SE II Series UPS comes standard with power conditioning, built-in maintenance bypass, front access easy replaceable internal batteries and matching external battery cabinets for extended runtimes up to 8 hours or more. Also... Read More
  • Optical Semiconductor Devices By Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.

    As a leading optoelectronics provider, Toshiba offers photocouplers (a.k.a. optocouplers), LEDs, TOSLINK™ optical interconnects, photosensors and photointerrupters in a wide variety of packages. Read More
  • Opto-coupler By Voltage Multipliers Inc.

    VMI’s line of uniquely designed optically coupled diodes allow the construction of high isolation voltage linear amplification circuits having tens of thousands of volts of output swing and bandwidths of nearly 5kHz depending on the capacitance of the load. Each optocoupler can be considered an... Read More
  • Over Voltage Products By Mersen (formerly Ferraz Shawmut)

    Mersen, an industry pioneer in surge protection technology, has developed a world-class suite of surge protection devices for your entire facility. Surge-Trap SPDs are designed to UL1449 3rd Edition standards and feature Mersen's industry leading patented TPMOV® technology inside. Providing... Read More