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    Fuse holders are devices for mounting fuses with electrical contacts on both ends. Fuse holders make it easy to install or to replace a blown fuse. Mounting choices for fuse holders include fuse block, fuse clip, panel mount, PC mount, snap mount and in-line mount. Read More
  • Fast Recovery & Three-Phase Diode Modules By Powerex

    Fast Recovery Modules - motion controls, power supplies, switching power supplies, transportation, welding Main Applications Three-Phase Diode Modules - AC motor drive (front end), AC-DC rectifiers, DC power supplies. Read More
  • FastelTack T-Series Thermally Conductive Pressure Sensitive Adhesive By Streuter Fastel Timtel

    FastelTack T-Series is a thermally conductive pressure sensitive adhesive tape designed to provide efficient thermal transfer between device and heat sink packaged with the capability of quick assembly. T-Series is available standard as a 0.05mm or 0.10mm thick free-standing film. Additional... Read More
  • Ferrite Cores By Magnetics

    Magnetics® soft ferrite cores are an oxide made from Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), and Zinc (Zn) which are commonly referred to as manganese zinc ferrites. They have a low coercivity and are also known as soft magnetic ferrites. Because of their comparatively low losses at high frequencies, they... Read More
  • Fiber Optic By Positronic Industries

    Fiber Optic Patch Cords offer high bandwidth over great distances while being immune to EMI/RFI. Fiber Optic Patch Cords are also nearly impossible to tap (secured communications), are lightweight, and have extremely thin fiber diameters, yet offer superior handling capabilities. Features •... Read More
  • Film Capacitor for AC Application By EACO

    EACO provides high-quality film capacitors for ac filter. Application: Solar and wind power inverters, UPS. ■voltage:250-1000Vac. (please notice: SRD SRB are labeled with DC voltage.) ■construction: metallized film ■operating temperature range (case):-40℃ to + 85℃ ■customized order... Read More
  • Film Capacitor for General Application By EACO

    EACO provides high-quality film capacitors for switching, high current, SMPS application.. - voltage:330-850Vdc. - construction: metallized film - operating temperature range (case):-40℃ to + 85℃ - customized order accepted, diversified connections available. Read More
  • Film Capacitors for AC Filter By EACO

    Reference standards : IEC 61071-60068 Dielectric : Polypropylene film Construction : Metallized film,Dry construction Coating : Aluminum case Leads: Threaded insert M5 M6, bolt available ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Operating temperature range : - 40 to + 85 °C (case) Capacitance : 8 to... Read More
  • Film Capacitors for DC-Link By EACO

    EACO provides high-quality film capacitors for DC-Link. In many cases it is possible to replace Electrolytic capacitors with Metallized film capacitors. Applications: solar and wind power inverter, Electric Vehicles, Motor drives, Welders. Why choose the metallized film capacitors: - Much... Read More
  • Film Capacitors for IGBT Snubber By EACO

    EACO provides high-quality film capacitors for IGBT snubber, high current and pulse applications. - voltage: 700-3000Vdc Construction: - STD,STM,STC: double side metallized carrier film with internal series connection - STS,STF,STE: extended metallized film with internal series connection -... Read More
  • Filters By Martek Power

    Martek Power offers Military and Industrial grade filters with up to 3,000 watts capacity. Our EMI filters designed for Industrial and Telecom applications come with full system monitoring and protection. Military and aerospace grade EMI filters for use with our standard DC power modules meet... Read More
  • Flex-Core Current Transformers / Transducers By Flex-Core Div.

    Accurate measurement of the true RMS value of input signal. Split-core 5A thru 1000A sensors without loss of accuracy. Open circuit protection. Flexible rogowski coils. Read More

    Heat sink with folded fin offers advantages of offering maximum surface area in minimum space thus offering better thermal performance. Folded fins are available in wide variety of material with various fin density. Folded fins can be attached with base material either thermally conductive epoxy... Read More
  • Folded Fin Heat Sinks By Tran-Tec LLC

    Folded fin heat sinks can have much thinner fins than extruded heat sinks or even bonded fin units. This makes them lightweight and provides good airflow at low cost. Aluminum and copper are the most common materials used for folded fins. Fins are made by machine folding a continuous strip of... Read More
  • Frequency Converters By Power Conversion Technologies, Inc.

    PCTI can provide the frequency converter you need for any commercial, industrial or military application including 400Hz for aircraft ground support and other combinations of input/output frequencies (50Hz, 60Hz, 400Hz, etc.). Our frequency converters are available as mobile, towable,... Read More
  • Front Ends power supplies By Martek Power

    Martek Power is a market leader in designing and manufacturing AC front end and DC front end power supplies. Many of the front ends are hot swappable / hot pluggable and parallelable power supplies for N+1 applications. Our front end power supplies work over a broad AC (85 -270 Vac) or DC (36 -... Read More
  • F-Scan In-Shoe Pressure Measurement Solutions By Tekscan Inc.

    The F-Scan® system is available with different data collection options including wireless, tethered and datalogger. In addition to our standard ultra-thin sensors, we offer long handle sensors for use inside boots, rugged sport sensors and XL sensors for unique applications. Learn more about the... Read More
  • Fuse Blocks/Holders By Mersen (formerly Ferraz Shawmut)

    Mersen's extensive line of fuses is matched by our selection of fuse blocks and holders. Choose from a wide range of traditional and space-saving fuse blocks, panel-mount and in-line holders, modular semiconductor fuse holders and more. Read More