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  • Electronic Fuses - LITTLEFUSE, BUSSMANN, SCHURTER, MERSEN By Fuses Unlimited, Inc.

    Electronic fuses are typically rated at 300 volts or below and are designed to protect circuits in the limited space requirements of electronic equipment such as consumer electronics, computers, instrumentation, power supplies and telecommunication equipment. Miniature electronic fuses refer to... Read More
  • Econodual IGBT Driver By AgileSwitch, LLC

    The Econodual IGBT driver is a dual channel driver with an interface for 3.3V, 5V or 15V logic levels. It mounts easily onto an IGBT while monitoring under voltage, overshoot, and desaturation. Read More
  • eFPGAsim Power Electronic Real-Time Simulator By OPAL-RT TECHNOLOGIES Inc

    eFPGAsim combines the performance of high fidelity digital simulators with very low communication latency to provide power electronic engineers with an easy-to-use HIL platform for the development and testing of control and protection systems that require sub-microsecond time step capacity. Read More
  • Electronic Modules and Packaging Solutions By Interplex Industries, Inc.

    Interplex offers complete solutions from concept through development and into scalable high-volume production for almost any electronic packaging application. Interplex's network of engineers develop solutions that fit the manufacturing needs of our customers and then match up those needs with... Read More
  • Electronic Power Components By Electrocube, Inc.

    Electrocube is a capacitor manufacturer known for its capacitor designs with thousands of precision-wrap and fill, oval/round/flat and epoxy case/hermetically-sealed capacitors. Read More
  • EMC Enclosures By Rittal Corporation

    Rittal's forward thinking EMC enclosures help in the crucial planning for the permanent, reliable functioning of sensitive electronics. When electromagnetic compatibility is required of your product, Rittal’s EMC specialists will support you with expert assistance and advice. Rittal’s expertise... Read More
  • eMEGAsim - Power System and Power Electronic Real-Time Simulator By OPAL-RT TECHNOLOGIES Inc

    eMEGAsim is the only MATLAB/SIMULINK based real-time digital simulator for development and testing of protection and control systems using HIL simulation. It accurately simulates the electromagnetic transients required by power grid and very complex and fast power electronic and converters... Read More
  • Enclosures By Rittal Corporation

    Rittal’s enclosure products include junction boxes, metal and fiberglass wallmount and freestanding enclosures, network server enclosures (available with hardware racks), plus, special solutions for hazardous location or outdoor deployments, EMC/interference protection, and purgeable uses.... Read More
  • ePHASORsim Real-Time Transient Stability Simulator By OPAL-RT TECHNOLOGIES Inc

    ePHASORsim simulates electro-mechanical transient stability phenomenon of very large power grids with thousands of buses, generators, transformers, transmission lines, loads and controllers. It uses a fundamental frequency solver optimized to compute rms values of voltages, currents, active and... Read More
  • EverSwitch Switches By Barantec Inc.

    EverSwitch switches are designed with no moving parts, thus making them survive in the harshest environments. Numerous designs are available such as; standard housing, single LED, ring illuminated, as well as numerous custom designs. Typical applications include... security-access control,... Read More
  • Extruded Heat Sinks By Tran-Tec LLC

    Most Tran-Tec heat sinks are made from extruded aluminum. Tran-Tec maintains a large inventory of heat sink extrusions of various sizes and configurations, many of which are de facto industry standards. Use our Extrusion Search to locate extrusions suitable for your application. Even if you... Read More