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  • Battery Chargers By Power Conversion Technologies, Inc.

    PCTI offers rugged high-current battery chargers to meet all of your high-current industrial charging applications from 25 to 2000A and up to 1000V. Our standard battery charger includes a battery eliminator, float and equalize adjustments, manual equalize timer, automatic shutdown and restart... Read More
  • Bishop Capacitors By Electrocube, Inc.

    Bishop capacitors by Electrocube. Read More
  • BLDC Motors By Composite Modules , Inc.

    Composite Motors, Inc. manufactures Brushless DC motors and drivers in a wide range of sizes. Typical operating voltages range from 10VDC to 48VDC with power ranging from 100 watts to 12 HP and speeds up to 100k rpm for smaller motors. Brushless DC motors are a modern replacement for “brush and... Read More
  • Blowers By JMC Products

    Cool your system with JMC’s innovative and reliable blowers. Read More
  • Bobbins & Mounting Hardware By Dexter Magnetic Technologies, Inc.

    Hardware accessories are available for a variety of core types. Bobbins, also known as coil formers, are available for most ferrite geometries in many types: plain bobbins, printed circuit bobbins (available pinned and unpinned), and surface mount bobbins. Mounting clamps (clips) are also... Read More

    A bonded fin heat sink are normally used is forced air circulation envoirement as there is no limitation on fin height to fin space ratio. SNS cooling technology offer bonded fin products with ratio as high as 40:1. SNS uses following methods to bond the fin & base * Aluminum filled high... Read More
  • Bonded Fin Heat Sinks By Tran-Tec LLC

    Bonded fin heat sinks overcome some of the limitations of extruded aluminum heat sinks by allowing much taller fin heights and denser fin spacing. They also make it possible to use other metals, such as copper, which have greater thermal conductivity but are not as readily extruded as... Read More
  • Bridges By C&H Technology, Inc.

    C&H Technology specializes in high current Diode Bridge Rectifiers, single and Three Phase Diode Bridge Rectifiers. Typical applications for these input rectifier bridges are: welding, generator, battery charger, AC motor drive, and traction markets. Air and water cooled Bridge Rectifier... Read More
  • BugHunter Pro By SynaptiCAD the Timing Diagram Editor Company

    BugHunter uses the SynaptiCAD graphical environment and supports all major HDL simulators. It has the ability to launch the simulator, provide single step debugging, unit-level test bench generation, streaming of waveform data, project management, and a hierarchy tree. The unit-level test bench... Read More
  • Bus Exhaust Shields By Koolmat Insulation

    exhaust shields good to 2500° that stop heat in its tracks a small piece can be made for an area putting to much heat out to a part w/grommets and stainless straps for easy installation.....very cost effective...straps on in minutes where header wrap takes hours. Read More