Companies in the Power Electronics Industry Directory

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  • ICE Components, Inc.

  • iConn Systems, LLC

  • Ierc

  • Illinois Capacitor Inc

  • IMS Schneider Electric Motion USA

  • In2tec

  • Inductors Inc

  • Industeq, Inc.


  • Infineon Technologies

  • Infineon Technologies Industrial Power

  • Infitec Inc

  • Integrated Magnetics

  • Intellipower Inc

  • International Manufacturing Services, Inc.

  • International Power

  • International Rectifier Corp.

  • Interplex Industries, Inc.

  • Intusoft

  • Ion Physics Corporation

    IPC's current monitors are used in almost any situation where pulsed or AC currents have to be accurately known. IPC's monitors are wide-band current transformers which convert the current signal into a proportional voltage signal which is then displayed on an oscilloscope or other voltage... Read More
  • Isocom Components 2004 Ltd

  • Isotek Corporation

  • ITAS Communications, Inc.

  • ITT Interconnect Solutions

  • ITW Paktron

  • ItWORKS Distributing

  • iWOW Connections Pte Ltd

  • IXYS Corporation

  • IXYS Long Beach, Inc