2/2/21- Leaderboard- Power Electronics

Companies in the Power Electronics Industry Directory

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  • C&H Technology, Inc.

    C&H Technology in Minnetonka, MN (USA) celebrated 40 years in 2019 of specializing in Power Electronic Components. Over the years we have added thousands of products and have become a global leader specializing in: Rectifiers (Diodes), Thyristors (SCR), IGBT, MOSFET, SiC, Bridge Rectifiers,... Read More
  • C&K


  • Caddock Electronics, Inc.

  • Cadex Electronics Inc.

  • Cal Test Electronics

  • Calmont Wire & Cable, Inc.

  • CalRamic Technologies LLC

  • CAPAKOR Ltd.

  • Car-Go Battery Co.

  • Carpenter Technology Corporation

  • Catalyst Semiconductor Inc

  • Cavalry Technology Inc

  • Cecon Group, The

  • Central Semiconductor Corp

  • Central Technologies

  • Ceramco, Inc.

  • Ceramic Magnetics Inc

  • CET Technology

  • Chroma ATE Inc.

  • Chroma Systems Solutions

  • CIC Research

  • Circuit Components Inc

  • Circuit Components Inc

  • Cirrus Logic, Inc. - Apex Precision Power

  • CIT Relay & Switch

  • Citel Inc.

  • CM Materials Inc

  • Coil Winding Specialist, Inc.

    Custom designs of High Frequency and Low Frequency Transformers, Very High Current Inductors, High Power Inductors, Filters, Power Integration Transformers, High Current Common Mode Choke, Boost/Buck Inductors, Air Coils, Solenoids, Current Sense Transformers, RFID coils & sensors, High Current...
  • Coilcraft Inc

  • Collmer.Com

  • Communication Coil Inc

  • Component Distributors Inc.

  • Component General

  • Composite Modules , Inc.


  • Computer Controlls Corporation

  • Computer Dynamics

  • Connectronics Corp.

  • Contract Manufacturing Consultants, Inc.

  • Control Resources Inc

  • Control Technology Corp

  • Control Works Inc

  • Conversion Devices , Inc.

  • Converter Consultants, LLC

  • Cool Innovations Inc

  • Cool Polymers, Inc.

  • Cooligy, Inc., Div of Emerson Network Power

  • Cooling Source

    Cooling Source prides itself first and foremost as a company that excels in customer satisfaction. As a result, we are an excellent source for all of your heatsink and thermal management projects. We specialize in heatsinks, CNC machining, assembly value-added, rapid prototyping, and production... Read More
  • Cooper Bussmann