Epec Engineered Technologies

174 Duchaine Blvd.
New Bedford, MA 02745

About Epec Engineered Technologies

Epec Engineered Technologies designs and manufactures custom, build to print products, for all sectors of the electronics industry. Our solutions provide a cost savings, technical resource and delivery advantage for our customers.

We are a leading provider of custom battery packs, flex and rigid-flex circuits, high reliability user interface products, electronic fans & motors, cable assemblies, RF products, and printed circuit boards. Our flexible manufacturing capabilities, design and engineering services, quality platform, and 24 x 7 support, help our customers master the complex challenges of the global electronics industry.

Our employees worldwide are dedicated to innovative solutions that deliver the highest quality products to market, faster.

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Batteries and custom battery packs for every Electronic Application since 1965. ISO 9001:2000 Certified and Cretified Woman Owned Company. 2 million batteries in stock, 4 Engineers on staff, & 3 assembly plants building over 250,000 custom battery packs a month. Read More

Products by Epec Engineered Technologies

By Epec Engineered Technologies

Epec Engineered Technologies is a full service custom battery pack manufacturer, with extensive experience with Lithium ion, Lithium polymer, Nickel metal hydride, Nickel cadmium, Sealed lead-acid, lithium primary and alkaline battery packs and assemblies. We are a full service custom battery... Read more »

By Epec Engineered Technologies

Flex & Rigid-Flex circuits can be shaped to fit where no other design can. They are a hybrid of ordinary printed circuit boards and round wire, exhibiting benefits of each. In essence, flexible circuits give you unlimited freedom of packaging geometry while retaining the precision density and... Read more »

By Epec Engineered Technologies

Rigid Flex circuits gives the ability to design your circuitry to fit the device, instead of building a device to fit the circuit board. Rigid Flex circuits are designed for the rigors of aerospace, medical and military applications, with dependable reliability. Flex assemblies have the ability... Read more »

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