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About Silicon Power Corporation

Power Semi-Conductor Components: Since 1994 Silicon Power has been recognized as the industry leader in the design and manufacture of semi-conductors for high power electronics. The full catalog of our semi-conductors and components are manufactured in-house. In fact we remain the only domestic manufacturer of the highest power semi-conductors. Silicon Power’s catalog of power semi-conductor components includes: Rectifier Diodes, Thyristors; Phase Control & Line Commutation devices; Pulse Power Application Devices, and phase modules. Power Electronic Assemblies: All of our SCR Assemblies and Pulse Power Assemblies for power quality applications are hand assembled and tested in-house using our own semi-conductors. Available in a range of sizes from 53mm to 125mm, amperes, and voltages, and wired in parallel or series. Sub-cycle Static Transfer Switch: In 1995 Silicon Power developed and commissioned the first medium sub-cycle Static Transfer Switch, STS. Medium and low voltage STS have become the standard commercial products of this company. Silicon Power STS is UL tested and certified. Custom Power Systems: Since spinning off from GE in 1994, Silicon Power has been active in the inherited technologies such as HVDC, Static Var Compensation and FACTS systems. The custom Power Systems developed included but not limited to pulsed power, crowbar switch, by pass, HV circuit breaker, and sub-cycle voltage regulator. Silicon power, a vertically integrated firm, merges the switching device information and state of art system studies to deliver the most valued system to surpass the end user specification. Solid State Fault Limiter: Use of new device technology, such as SGTO, in power system distribution and generation opened up new unprecedented horizons in power system. These applications are included but not limited to fast fault current limiting, ride through fault, and virtual substations. Silicon Power is currently working on SSFCL (Solid State Current Limiter) and UBS (Urban Bus Switch) technology. High current rating and fast switching in these technologies are based on thin structure solid state switches. Power Conversion Systems: Silicon Power has developed various power conversion systems ad/ac, ac/ac and dc/dc at different voltage and current level. The innovation has been the main drive. Our experience in design and development of custom power conversion system includes advanced DSP, high frequency modulation and application of novel switching devices. Silicon Power has spearheaded in the research and development of new switching device SGTO (Super Gate Turn Off thyristor) with superb switching and thermal characteristics.

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