Fuji Electric Device Technology America, Inc.

240 Circle Drive North
Piscataway, NJ 08854

About Fuji Electric Device Technology America, Inc.

Fuji Semiconductor, Inc. was established in 2001 to provide sales and marketing of Fuji Electric’s semiconductor products to North and South America.

Fuji Device Technology America, Inc. is dedicated to continuing to provide the same high quality products along with the superior customer service that our customers have grown to expect from us over the last 2 decades.

With the support of our technical staff in the United States and Japan along with our advanced factories, our mission is to support each and every customer with their needs to acquire the most up to date products with the highest quality levels available in the electronics market.

Our extensive product line now includes:
Power Management ICs, Sensor ICs, and Driver ICs (CMOS)
IGBT (Modules and Discrete)
IPM (Intelligent Power Module)
Bipolar Transistors (Modules and Discrete)
Diodes: Fast Recovery, Schottky, and High Voltage
Surge Absorbers
Laser Printer Photoconductors
Copier Photoconductors
Facsimile machine Photoconductors

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