Metglas, Inc.

440 Allied Drive
Conway, SC 29526-8202

About Metglas, Inc.

Metglas Amorphous Metals have a unique non-crystalline structure and possess excellent physical and magnetic properties that combine strength and hardness with flexibility and toughness. Metglas and Metglas products help companies around the globe reduce operating costs, strengthen energy conservation efforts and increase application efficiency.
Metglas® 2065SA-1 and Metglas® distribution cores are used for utility distribution and transmission (DT) systems and commercial / industrial applications reduce operating costs and increase energy efficiency.

Metglas® Brazing Foils (MBF) and preforms provide extensive manufacturing and performance advantages over conventional metal joining materials. This unique form of amorphous nickel based brazing filler metal can substitute for previously used copper foil or nickel powder to braze stainless steel base metal. This amorphous nickel foil provides high strength and outstanding corrosion resistance of brazed joints

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