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Heat sinks, custom or choose from one of more than 200 aluminum extrusion profiles in-stock. Liquid cooled chill plates, bonded fin, forced air coolers, full CNC machining and anodizing/finishing in-house. Plating and powder coating available through our partners.

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By Tran-Tec LLC

Extruded Heat Sinks Most Tran-Tec heat sinks are made from extruded aluminum. Tran-Tec maintains a large inventory of heat sink extrusions of various sizes and configurations, many of which are de facto industry standards. Use our Extrusion Search to locate extrusions suitable for your application. Even if you... Read more »

By Tran-Tec LLC

Liquid Cooled Heat Sinks Tran-Tec creates liquid cooled heat sinks for customer applications when an air cooled heat sink isn't sufficient. Also known as cold plates or chill plates, a typical cold plate consists of a flat plate - most often aluminum although other metals can be used - that has bottom channels milled... Read more »

By Tran-Tec LLC

Bonded Fin Heat Sinks Bonded fin heat sinks overcome some of the limitations of extruded aluminum heat sinks by allowing much taller fin heights and denser fin spacing. They also make it possible to use other metals, such as copper, which have greater thermal conductivity but are not as readily extruded as... Read more »

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