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Solder and Flux-Bearing Headers and Contacts

Solder and Flux-Bearing Headers and Contacts

Available from Interplex Industries, Inc.

Interplex Industries's innovative solder bearing leads and flux bearing leads were developed to help overcome significant challenges in circuit assembly eliminating costly and secondary soldering operations. This Solder bearing and Flux bearing lead technology attaches a precise amount of solder... Read More



Available from Illinois Capacitor Inc

Illinois Capacitor offers a wide selection of Electrolytic and Film capacitors. Visit our website for capacitor selection and procurement assistance. Read More

HDI Amplified Pressure Sensors

HDI Amplified Pressure Sensors

Available from First Sensor, Inc.

The First Sensor HDI sensors offer precision pressure measurement from 10 mbar up to 5 bar. The HDI series performs precision digital signal conditioning to achieve ultra high total accuracies. An internal ASIC compensates sensor offset, temperature effects and non-linearity to allow for an... Read More

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Tran-Tec LLC

Custom heat sinks. Choose from one of more than 200 aluminum extrusion profiles in-stock. Liquid cooled chill plates, bonded fin, forced air coolers, full CNC machining and anodizing/finishing in-house. Plating and powder coating available through our partners. Tran-Tec LLC Quality System is... Read More


Timtronics founded in 2003 is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer and formulator of the most Advanced Thermal Interface Materials. Timtronics is a global leader in Non Silicone (Silicone Free) thermal interface materials. We partner with O.E.M. companies to develop high performance thermal... Read More

C&H Technology, Inc.

C&H Technology in Minnetonka, MN (USA) celebrated 40 years in 2019 of specializing in Power Electronic Components. Over the years we have added thousands of products and have become a global leader specializing in: Rectifiers (Diodes), Thyristors (SCR), IGBT, MOSFET, SiC, Bridge Rectifiers,... Read More

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